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DJI Matrice 30 Thermal 

Flysense LLC is pleased to announce the deployment of one of DJI's top-of-the-line drones for infrastructure inspection, energy inspection, 2D mapping, and 3D modeling projects. The DJI Matrice 30 Thermal (M30T) drone is DJI Enterprise's flagship drone that integrates multiple high-performance sensors into a single camera payload and operates with upgraded Pilot 2 software. The M30T model offers unparalleled power, durability, and capability for demanding professional use, and its size makes it ideal for portability and quick setup.

The M30T features a hybrid visual and laser rangefinder payload that includes a 48MP zoom camera and a 12MP wide camera. Both cameras feature 1/2-inch CMOS sensors and are capable of capturing 4K 30FPS video. The M30T also features an improved FPV camera that provides more detail in low-light conditions and allows pilots to pick up the horizon during nighttime flights. 


In addition to the above features, the M30T has a radiometric thermal sensor with the same performance as the Zenmuse H20T that is generally mounted on a larger and heavier counterpart (DJI Matrice 300). The thermal camera on M30T achieves a resolution of 640 × 512@30Hz and a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2 °C. Thermal imaging camera converts thermal energy (heat) into visible light and collect data that can be used to analyze specific objects or scenes. Thermal imaging data is useful in industries such as asset inspection, energy sector, surveying, and search and rescue.

The laser rangefinder on M30T accurately measures objects within a detection range of 3 to 1200 m and an accuracy level of ±0.2 m + D × 0.15%, making complex environments clear with precise coordinates.

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Laser Rangefinder

Zoom Camera

Wide Camera

Thermal Camera


94 °C

80 °C

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